Content Filtering

An efficient way to filter out false and anonymous information so we can trust what we consume.

TOC aims to help create and preserve a healthy information environment, one free of false claims and intentional deceptions. For more than a decade, the Internet and public media have become increasingly polluted with lies and disinformation. Russia, China, North Korea and other actors, have weaponized fake information by targeting it to people who have no easy way to avoid it. People now realize how manipulators use Twitter and Facebook to generate thousands of lies that bombard millions immediately and repetitively. The amount of deceptive information has grown exponentially. No existing company will stop it. The glut of toxic media has a chilling effect on social discourse as people tune out to escape. Many people have stopped following the news and social media.


We make it easy for real, honest people to create and endorse factual articles and then filter out bogus information so it never reaches readers who opt for filtering.


Our viewer technology enables users to specify a level of trustworthiness to pass through its filters. Users can specify to filter articles from unassessed or distrusted origins.


We allow consumers to filter out all information from unassessed or distrusted sources automatically. Our product effectively adds a layer of trustworthiness to the Internet so that humanity can resume progress based on facts.


Once the public loses confidence in information, democracy becomes paralyzed and knowledge loses its power to enable progress. Given today’s challenges, we cannot survive and advance without a trusted sphere of information.

Our trustworthiness reputation management service enables communities of writers, publishers and readers to adopt trustworthiness reputation protocols that we independently operate for them. Our reputation management service offers an authenticated human identity credential as a basis for blocking bots. Shills and trolls who cannot satisfy challenges to their honesty and truthfulness become known as distrusted. Authors who want to build and leverage outstanding reputations for honesty and trustworthiness should see real value in standing out and above Internet noise.

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